Books and Anthologies

Short Fiction

  • Welcome to Paradise, On the Up, April 2016
  • The Sailor, Stylist Magazine, December 2013
  • The Poets in the Kitchen Window, Prairie Fire, Winter 2013
  • Thanksgiving, McGraw-Hill iLit Anthology, Summer 2011
  • Warplanes, Grain, Summer 2010
  • Fairy Shoes, Room, Summer 2009

Creative Nonfiction

  • Hornets, Prism, Winter 2015
  • Soldiers, The New Quarterly, Summer 2014
  • Learning to Stand Still, The New Quarterly, Summer 2014 (Winner, Edna Staebler Award)
  • Running on Blueberries, Little Fiction Big Truths, January 2014
  • Unravel the Tangle, Room, June 2013
  • Yemeni Soup and Other Recipes, Grain, Summer 2012 (Winner, National Magazine Award, Western Magazine Award)
  • Missing in Action, Prism, 2011 (1st Runner-Up, Non-Fiction Contest)
  • The Marrying Kind, Room, Summer 2010
  • Victim, Event, Winter 2009 (Winner, Non-Fiction Contest)
  • You and What Army, Event Magazine (2007) and Slice me Some Truth, an Anthology, Wolsak and Wynn (2011) (Winner, Non-Fiction Contest)


  • Forty-FourInternational Journal of Epidemiology, October 2017



לנפץ את תקרת הזכוכית של עולם הספרות הישראלי, יוני 2015 פוסט אורחת ב״אל מדף ספרי ההיסטוריה: בלוג פמיניסטי״, הבלוג של ד״ר שרון גבע

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