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Short Fiction

  • Knives, Tablet, January 2018
  • Welcome to Paradise, On the Up, April 2016
  • The Sailor, Stylist Magazine, December 2013
  • The Poets in the Kitchen Window, Prairie Fire, Winter 2013
  • Thanksgiving, McGraw-Hill iLit Anthology, Summer 2011
  • Warplanes, Grain, Summer 2010
  • Fairy Shoes, Room, Summer 2009

Creative Nonfiction

  • A Simple Girl, Paper Brigade, Winter 2018
  • Hornets, Prism, Winter 2015
  • Soldiers, The New Quarterly, Summer 2014
  • Learning to Stand Still, The New Quarterly, Summer 2014 (Winner, Edna Staebler Award)
  • Running on Blueberries, Little Fiction Big Truths, January 2014
  • Unravel the Tangle, Room, June 2013
  • Yemeni Soup and Other Recipes, Grain, Summer 2012 (Winner, National Magazine Award, Western Magazine Award)
  • Missing in Action, Prism, 2011 (1st Runner-Up, Non-Fiction Contest)
  • The Marrying Kind, Room, Summer 2010
  • Victim, Event, Winter 2009 (Winner, Non-Fiction Contest)
  • You and What Army, Event, 2007 (Winner, Non-Fiction Contest)


  • Forty-FourInternational Journal of Epidemiology, October 2017
  • Sisters, NewPoetry, January 2018
  • Sisters (Excerpt), CBC Poetry Prize longlist, November 2017



  Granta Israel ״יחפנית ומוארת,״ גרנטה, מגזין לספרות חדשה 7, ינואר 2018

לנפץ את תקרת הזכוכית של עולם הספרות הישראלי, יוני 2015 פוסט אורחת ב״אל מדף ספרי ההיסטוריה: בלוג פמיניסטי״, הבלוג של ד״ר שרון גבע

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