All about the Food (Oh, and the Cover!)

I know, I know. I’m a bad, rotten blogger. Of course, I have plenty of excuses. I’ve been in Israel since September, researching, travelling, swimming, enjoying family and friends and the ridiculously long holiday season that seems to never end. I’ve also been planning my book trailer with my good friend and videographer extraordinaire Elsin Davidi, working on my copyedits (!) and taking photos like crazy. Oh, and eating. Did I mention eating? Okay, maybe I’ve been mostly eating (it’s a good thing it’s still hot here so I can wear summer dresses all day long and not worry about zipping up pants).

I promise to write more soon. I have so much more to say about my research, and my book trailer, and the copyedits, and the writing, and the food. But it’s Friday evening and my mom prepared an enormous meal and my brothers are on their way over with my nieces and nephews so I can’t right now. So in the meantime here’s a link to an interview with me, which was recently published on the Guelph Alumni Newsletter, and here’s another link to my book on Amazon, where you can already PRE-ORDER it! (and you can also check out the cover, which I just love.)