CBC The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers

cbc-the-next-chapterI am so excited to be on this week’s Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers on CBC. I recorded the short segment the morning after my launch, which meant that I could hardly sleep that night. Not only was I  still buzzing from the amazing evening, I also had a case of ESL anxiety, which comes over me sometimes when I need to answer questions on the spot. I worry that my grammar will fail me, my vocabulary will abandon me, I’ll forget how to speak English and end up sounding inarticulate in a distinctly non-writerly way. Of course, as often happens when you prepare yourself for the worst, the recording was actually quite pleasant and the result did not make me cringe!

The segment aired on Monday, April 22nd, the anniversary of my father’s death. It’s been thirty (!) years. I am so pleased I got to honour him in this way. It will air again on April 27th, and you can listen to it online (my segment begins at around 41:55).