Interview with Shalom Life


I had a smooth landing in Toronto, and though it didn’t really make my goodbyes any easier or less sad, I am happy to be home. My Pivot reading went well: Sandra Ridley and Rebecca Rosenblum both gave fantastic readings, and I finally got to meet my new best friend whom I met on Twitter recently, fabulous fiction writer and avid blogger Amanda Leduc who shares my book-birthday-season: her novel will be coming out with ECW in Spring 2013!

I also had my first official interview the other day and it’s already up on I think I managed to not sound like a complete idiot, which is a relief. And I got to use one of the head shots my friend, the brilliant Elsin Davidi (we served in the IDF together; if you want to read about some of the shit we stirred during that time read You and What Army), had shot of me in The Yemeni Grove neighbourhood in Tel Aviv. It was strange being the subject rather than the photographer… but I knew I was in good hands. Read the interview here.