Missing In Action Published in PRISM International

I received my copy of PRISM in the mail today and I was thrilled to see my story, “Missing In Action” (1st runner up in their literary nonfiction contest!) in print.

This is what the judge Brian Brett had to say about my story: “’Missing in Action,’ is a dazy druggy classic tale of getting lost in Goa, reverberating, replaying, echoing, chronicling a cleansing of old memories in the exoticism of India. It’s brave not only in subject matter but also in its loose style.”

It’s a great issue, and featuring the winning entries as well as poetry by two of my favourite Vancouver poets Elizabeth Bachinsky and Renee Sarojini Saklikar, and my classmate, the talented Claire Caldwell. Good company, indeed! You can buy it online.

I’ve always wanted to be published in PRISM, but for some reason—maybe because it’s published by UBC’s Creative Writing Program— I saw it as some canlit turf that was beyond my reach. I just assumed that they wouldn’t be interested in my writing, because I wasn’t canlit enough for them (whatever that means). After having three pieces shortlisted for their contests this year (one for fiction, two for nonfiction), and corresponding with their editors, who were extremely supportive and kind throughout the process, I realized that maybe some of it was in my head (shocking!) So thank you PRISM, for being awesome and making me feel like I belong…