Read My Story In Event Magazine

The newest issue of Event is finally out, where you can read my award winning story “Victim.”  The magazine is available in bookstores, or you can purchase or read a preview of their digital edition. It’s a great issue and you should buy it! The other two winning entries are “Alphabet Autobiografica”by Eufemia Fantetti, a fabulous writer and one of my closest friends. (In fact, she’s the nameless ‘friend’ I refer to in ‘Victim’…) and “Asleep at the Wheel” by Katherine Fawcett.

This year’s judge was John Burns, former editor of the Georgia Straight. In his judge’s essay he writes: “In “Victim”, author Ayelet Tsabari suggests that we are changed, stunted, by our afflictions. At best, that we can grow around them as a tree can incorporate foreign objects. What lifted it from its competition—a group defined by confession and inward obsession—was Tsabari’s ability to hold her younger self at arm’s length, to go back to a physical beating and examine her bloodied self from all angles, without sentiment, through the lens not just of memory but of external records.”