The Best Place on Earth in Hebrew (and other news)

I have not blogged in ages, but I have the best excuse. I’ve been writing! I’ve been hard at work on my memoir in essays. In fact, it is near finished. Which, of course, leads to a myriad of new anxieties. It just never stops, does it?

I’ve been so consumed with work that I neglected to write about the amazing month I spent in Israel this June, launching my book with Am Oved. Am Oved has been my dream publisher ever since I was a little kid. I love their little books, with the red stamp on the top corner, and I still have many of them lined up on my shelf in Canada. I could have never imagined getting there like this, in translation. But then again, I could have never imagined writing in another language.

Apart from taking part in Israel’s annual Book Week (which used to be the highlight of my summer as a child) I also had two launches – one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv, both were well attended and super fun.

I mentioned anxieties. Well, I must admit that I was particularly nervous about the reception in Israel. Naturally, I wanted approval from home. What if it didn’t work in Hebrew? What if they hated it??? So I’ve been blown away by the love and attention the book has been receiving over the past few months. It even made it into the bestselling list! I feel extremely blessed. You can read reviews and links to interviews on the Hebrew page on the site.

I’ll be touring quite a bit this fall and winter, mostly in the US but some in Canada and Israel. Check the events page, constantly updated, for more details!