Writer in Residence, New York, Podcast, Interviews, Readings…

It’s a busy busy time. Sean went to work full time, which means I have to juggle momming and writing and teaching and promoting. It’s been crazy. So here’s a quick recap of some new and exciting things that are happening. I am now (and for the next three weeks) the writer in residence at Crescent School in Toronto, working with high school students on their independent study projects for their Writers’ Craft class. The students are wonderful, and I have a little office with some view where I write with no interruptions. It’s pretty great.

My event at the New America Foundation in New York City was wonderful. The conversation with Lisa Goldman and Sigal Samuel, and the Q & A that followed was inspiring and illuminating. You can listen to the podcast here.

I’m reading at Draft reading series on April 27th, as part of National Poetry Month. No, I’m not reading any poetry. But I will be reading something new, which is exciting and a bit nerve racking. The reading is at 3:00pm in The Black Swan Tavern, 154 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Finally, I was interviewed in Hebrew for the first time, for Ynet! It is particularly exciting because now my mother can finally read one of my interviews. You can check out the story here.