You and What Army Shortlisted to the 1st Book Competition

My unpublished non-fiction manuscript, You and What Army and Other True Stories made it into the 1st Book Competition shortlist, a contest sponsored by SFU’s Writer’s Studio and Anvil Press! The winning three manuscripts (one in each genre) will go on to be published by Anvil Press in 2011.

3 comments on You and What Army Shortlisted to the 1st Book Competition

  • Jesse Kaellis

    I shortlisted in that contest too. Early out. But I can no longer find it on-line. If you got Harper/Collins I envy you because in the end they rejected me. Frey was my juice. I got some pieces in Subterrain. At least you’re a Jew. What the fvck. I need to design my webpage like yours. Maybe. I’m going to e publish. I’ll have to flog my own stuff. I’ll bookmark you. Writers aren’t generally too forthcoming towards other writers. Best of luck.

  • Ayelet

    I remember, Jesse! I read some of your stuff back then and was very impressed. I think there’s nothing wrong with self publishing, but I can also see your style doing well with publishers: you have a very unique voice! That’s something publishers look for. Best of luck to you too!

  • Jesse Kaellis

    You are a sweetheart. Thanks so much for your kind words.

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